Yuliya Holodkova

Yuliya is a ESG/Corporate Governance expert with extensive 20+ years experience in CG/ESG, financial institutions and companies in emerging markets. Her focus areas in ESG, corporate governance and sustainability, audit, risk-management and business development.
At present, Yuliya is a Lead for IFC ECA ESG Program in Ukraine and Bosnia&Herzegovina.
Yuliya has joint IFC in 2007 as a Team leader for Central Asia Corporate Governance Program and lead the two phases of the IFC CA CG Program for 11 years. In this capacity she worked with the private sector and governments of the CA countries to coordinate efforts to improve the corporate governance practices and legal environments. Yuliya provided CG advisory support to IFC portfolio companies and IS pipeline clients not only in CA but across the CEU region.
She has an excellent project advisory and project lead/management skills. Vast experience in dealing with state agencies and regulators as well as SOEs advising on the CG /ESG related reforms. Practical experience in working with corporate boards and C-level teams to facilitate ESG, corporate governance and sustainability changes and improvements. Training and coaching skills.
Before joining IFC, Yuliya was a part of the National (Central) Bank of the Kyrgyz Republic working as a Principle Officer for Banking Supervision Department.
Yuliya holds a Master degree in Policy Studies from the Graduate University for Policy Studies (Japan) and Master degree in Financial and Banking Management from Kyrgyz-Russian Slavic University (Kyrgyz Republic).